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The Importance of Social Media and SEO in 2016

by | Jun 1, 2016 | SEO, Social Media |

Social media marketing SEO marketing are both closely related. Each are inbound, organic techniques which center on presenting a popular online presence that draws visitors in naturally. Because social media depends on a clear brand identity and good quality content, spending time on SEO will greatly enhance your visibility on the social networks. Needless to say, when done right, SEO and social media marketing will boost your rankings in the search engines considerably. I have outlined a couple of things to remember about social media and SEO below.

There’s Safety in Diversity

Backlinks are crucial to rank well with Google, and social networks offers the ideal way of achieving this. Though Google has never said that social links are a part of the ranking algorithm, these links do help to drive traffic qualified to your site.  The on-site behavior of these visitors are what really help to boost your overall site authority.

There are no Shortcuts

Largely, your website ranking will be determined by the quantity of influencers, followers and connections that are linked to your social network account. The caveat is though, that these followers have to be genuine, and not purchased. Consequently, you will have to attract your audience on your own merits.

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