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Understanding The Importance of SEO For Business

by | Jun 8, 2016 | SEO |

Search engine optimization (SEO) is often misinterpreted and misunderstood. Over the last 10 years of being an SEO, I have noticed that many have made the ultimate mistake of devaluing its role in marketing. Both small and large businesses need to consider its importance in driving traffic. Unlike humans, search engine robots cannot fully comprehend certain concepts needed in classifying information more accurately. To bridge the gap between how humans perceive information and the algorithms used to help them find the right search results, there is a need for structured optimization. This allows robots to understand the contents of pages and help with indexing in a way that improves the accuracy of search results.

Here at Tried & True SEO, we treat the message of SEO in bolstering marketing strategies as gospel. It forms part of a variety of efforts that can yield favorable results by increasing visibility and benefiting the bottom line of companies. We agree with those research findings, which show that SEO has the capacity to boost return on investment better than a number of conventional marketing methods, including print, radio and television ads. However, it is not a magic wand that transforms the fortunes of businesses unilaterally or overnight. Like any other form of marketing, it takes substantial effort and time to produce the desired results.

Benefits of Search Engine Optimization

Why is SEO ImportantThe question of ‘why is SEO important for business?’ has a simple answer — it creates business opportunities in a variety of ways. The technique brings much-needed traffic, enhances credibility, provides brand exposure and helps bring new customers. Nowadays, it is common for people to conduct online research about products and services before making the decision to buy. In turn, this creates a real Pandora’s box for businesses of all shapes and sizes. However, the golden alleys of the internet attract hordes of merchants vying for the same audience. To create a winning strategy, businesses need to adopt a calculated approach that allows them to stand out and reap rich rewards. From law firms and auto repair shops to banks and media agencies, everyone wants a piece of the online pie. It is only natural for SEO to become an integral part of an organization’s marketing mix.

One of the reasons why I am big fan of SEO is that it boosts sales without breaking the bank. It couldn’t be more ideal for businesses looking to cut costs without undermining an increase in profits. The ever-increasing role of the internet in research and buying cycle proves just how important SEO really is. Buyers are constantly searching for good deals that provide value for money. They use the social-driven network of consumers that share experiences to identify reliability and affordability. By crafting content that addresses these needs, it becomes easy to attract new customers. When people use keywords in a given category, they can find companies ranking high for those keywords in search results. Companies that invest wisely in search engine optimization routinely dominate in the rankings and thus enjoy greater exposure.

Why SEO is important: Building Trust and Credibility

There are many experts in this industry that are 100% convinced that search engine optimization helps improve reputation, which in turn builds trust. These invaluable spin-offs are any marketer’s dream. Experts state that people tend to unconsciously take note of rankings for terms they enter in search engines. Appearing on the first page of search results improves overall recognition thanks to both technical and on page aspects of SEO, such as meta description tags and strategically planned keyword optimization. Seemingly minor elements of content creation like keyword density reap impressive benefits in the long term. These aspects play a key role in strengthening brands by communicating marketing messages to a captive audience. With such benefits, it is easy to understand why is SEO important for business.

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