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Competitive Keyword Research

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Organic Keyword Research

When working to make your page more optimized for search engine visibility, one of the most important initial tasks should be an organic keyword research project. What that means is finding the right combinations of words and long tail keyword phrases that people will use to find your business.  Just because a keyword is relevant to your site and has thousands of monthly searches, it doesn’t mean those visits will convert.  That is the difference between plain keyword research and competitive keyword research.

What is Organic Keyword Research?

Organic keyword research is the process of determining what keyword phrases you should be optimizing your site with to drive visits directly from search engine results pages (SERPs), and not from a paid ad campaign.  The benefit of receiving traffic through organic channels is that you don’t have to pay a fee for every visitor that clicks on your ranking page.  This means when you close a deal, your ROI for that visit is higher than if you had to pay for 5 visitors that don’t convert, and 1 that does.

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What Makes Our Keyword Research Better Than Most?

Tried & True SEO’s competitive keyword research projects include using industry trusted keyword research tools, gathering thousands of terms that are relevant to your business, products and/or services.  We look at the companies that you consider your top online competitor’s, and also other sites that appear in the top SERP’s for the main keywords you want to rank for.   Once we have gathered a list of a minimum of 1000 keywords, the list is reviewed manually, and narrowed down to the keywords we believe will drive the most targeted and qualified traffic through organic listings.

Each of the campaigns we work on begins with an extensive competitive keyword research project, which is reviewed and updated on a monthly basis to ensure that your site always targets the best performing keywords as search trends change.

Competitive Keyword Research Is The Key To Finding Out Exactly What Your Prospects Are Looking For Online, And Giving It To Them!