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Effective local marketing is essential to expand a business and raise profits. Local business marketing involves advertising a business to a target group based on the company’s geographical location and service area. As far back as October 2005, Google’s algorithm updates had a larger focus on local results.

4 Benefits of Local Marketing Campaigns:

Brand Recognition

Brand recognition is the extent to which your customers can recognize your products or services. SEO improves the visibility of your brand to the potential customers based in your local region. Enhanced exposure of your brand to your customers results in greater recognition, which eventually leads the customer to make a purchase.

Website Visibility on Search Results

Proper local optimization directs potential customers to your site. This is made possible by ranking your business higher in their local search results. A customer finds it comfortable to deal with businesses in their local region. By purchasing products from a local supplier, they eliminate unnecessary brokers and transportation costs. So, when you appear in their local search results, there are high chances that your business gets a new customer.

Qualified Traffic and leads

Most SEO experts will agree that approximately 45-60 percent of the clicks in Google search results for non-branded keywords, go to the sites in the top three ranking positions. Those percentages can vary by industry. By investing in a Local SEO campaign, your business will be ranked higher in the local search results. Hence, more traffic to your site. With an increase in traffic directed to your website, prospective customers also increase, which can result in more sales.