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When a business needs more traffic, more customers and more revenue, there are very few improvements that will have the significant impact of SEO on page optimization. On page SEO is crafting the elements on a website page so that the search engines find the page and understand exactly what it is about.

On Page SEO Elements

There are several elements that work together in on page SEO to ensure that a web page is SEO friendly and will draw a lot of the right types of traffic to the website. These elements include an SEO friendly title, meta description, properly tagged images, linked internal pages, and good content optimization.

What is Content Optimization?

Content optimization means having content that is relevant to your web page and is fresh, so that the search engines have a reason to visit your site. SEO content optimization includes utilizing the site’s keywords, along with variations of them and related terms as well. This means when you are writing about bicycle racing, you will have keywords like bike race, bicycle rally, bicycle race, bicycle groups,etc. but might also have content and keywords that pertain closely to the subject like latest Trek bicycles, best bicycles for the casual rider, which type of bike rack is best for you, which bike races are you participating in this summer. Obviously, the more closely related the content is, the better search engines understand your web page optimization and will be likely to send riders to you!

Having great SEO onpage optimization assures your website will rank high for your chosen keywords and onpage SEO will help your traffic tremendously.