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PPC Campaign Set Up & Management

Customized Organic Marketing Campaigns

Custom Marketing for Lasting Results.

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Pay Per Click Management Services

Using a pay per click (PPC) management company means that you have someone handling the most important parts of your paid search campaign. Paid search itself is when a company bids on specific keywords, and the search engines provide traffic to them for the searches that are done for those keywords. For highly competitive niches (weight loss comes to mind immediately!) paid search may be the fastest way to get a decent amount of converting traffic to your website.

Pay Per Click Marketing Services

Pay per click marketing, very much like other online marketing, is one of those things that needs constant tending. If you are not willing, and able, to spend the time to learn about it and actively manage it yourself, you need an effective pay per click management company to help.

Why Choose Tried & True For PPC Campaign Management Services?

Our team of PPC experts start every paid campaign with strategic and competitive research to ensure your campaign drives the most qualified traffic.  If you have an existing PPC campaign running, our team will fully audit that campaign at no additional charge to locate opportunities for improvement.

Every Campaign Includes:

  • Industry and Competitor Analysis
  • Custom Ad Copy Creation & Testing
  • Conversion & ROI Tracking for both site intakes and calls
  • Competitive Keyword Research
  • Daily Campaign Tracking
  • Custom Monthly Reporting
  • And Much More!

Campaigns Designed for Your Specific Needs

Some businesses only need to use PPC for special campaigns, like a new product offering or a grand opening that they want to draw lots of attention to. For those companies, pay per click campaign management might be in order for the duration needed. It can be used in conjunction with other online marketing techniques for a well-rounded platform that encompasses all the different angles needed. Regardless of what your needs are with PPC management, our experts can handle your campaign.

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