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Social Media Marketing Services

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Social Media Management

Now that Social Media is so much a part of most everyone’s life, it is critical for businesses to be where their customers and prospects are– and that is on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+ and Twitter. (Don’t even get me started on SnapChat!) Social media marketing services can ensure that you have a solid online presence and have created a brand for your business online.

Our Monthly Social Media Management Campaigns Include:

√ Daily Management of your social platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and more)

√ Custom Content Creation/Social Media Post (5+ posts/week Mon-Fri)

√ Interactive Engagement

√ Brand Awareness & Follower Growth

√ Social Media Advertising and Retargeting through a Facebook Ad campaign

√ Monthly Reporting to track campaign progress

**Note: The Facebook Ad Campaign will require an additional $50-100 per month charged directly through Facebook to the card you add to your account.


Let Us Help You Grow Your Social Media Presence



Social Media for Businesses

The first thing that we do as a marketing agency is take stock of what you have already done to market your business. That may be quite a bit, or not much at all, in which case we have a lot of work to do. One of the first orders of business is to open up social media marketing and advertising accounts if you don’t already have them.


Branding, Branding, Branding!

Next, branding them all the same is a crucial step that many social media optimization services leave out. You want people to see your logo, your photograph, your colors and your content, and instantly recognize it. Likewise, it must match your website, which is where you want to drive all your traffic. Having consistent branding across all your social profiles helps your end users establish trust in your business.  By the time they land on your site, they already feel like they know your business and trust you.


Blurred Marketing Lines

Professional social media management solutions can be done at very affordable rates, but you also want to make sure you are working with a company that knows what they are doing, and how to enhance your online exposure. The lines between SEO and social media optimization services are now so blurred that it is nearly impossible to separate the two, and indeed search engines are picking up social media posts and delivering them to users as part of a search they’ve done online. This makes it even more imperative not to ignore social media; the worst thing a customer can see is a Facebook page that is not updated frequently. It makes it appear that your business is not active.

At Tried & True SEO our goal is to build up a quality social brand and following by posting custom content posts, sharing selected blogs and articles from your site and other non-competing authority sites, and working to get viral activity through engaging your followers.


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