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SEO Website & Technical Audit Services

Website audit service can get to the root of all evil (or the real reason why your website is not doing so well!) SEO audit services offer comprehensive checks of a website to find out what is happening to keep it from driving significant traffic to your business.

What is the Benefit of an SEO Website Audit?

An SEO website audit will do an in-depth look at your website to see where it is performing well and what needs to change in order for it to perform optimally.

We will look at every area of the website, starting with usability. This means identifying the exact audience for the site, and gathering information about the business and stakeholders. This is done by looking into key areas, like current website statistics, content analysis, navigational structures and patterns, links and page response times.

Business processes like web strategy and how it relates to the overall business strategy cannot be ignored. Site promotion, competitive positioning and onsite visitor behavior are all part of the process of evaluation during this audit, and any recommendations will be given where weaknesses are noted.

Here’s What You Can Expect To Find In Your SEO Website Audit Report

Technical SEO Audit

A website technical audit encompasses things like standards compliance, to see if the site is using currently accepted coding and markup standards and has good cross browser and cross platform performance. It will also check for mobile responsiveness, broken links, error pages and more.

On Page SEO & Content Audit

On Page SEO is just as important to your site visitors as it is to search engines. This part of the audit reviews your current meta data, header tags, image optimization, and content on main pages.

Online Brand Audit

Another area that is critical to look at is your company’s online branding. A brand audit will ensure that you have effective designs and branding guidelines; and that they are utilized across all platforms.

Social Presence and Profile Audit

With each passing year we learn that search engines, especially Google, are giving more value to a company’s social presence, making it essential for you to step up your game if you aren’t active on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc. This audit reviews all of the social platforms we are able to find for your company for correct company information and current activity and outlines recommendations for improvements.

Website audits will ferret out all the issues that are keeping your website from being the optimal sales and marketing tool it is meant to be, and will help to create a successful marketing campaign that will maximize your search engine visibility and traffic.

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